Phylogeny of the freshwater lineages within the phyla Actinobacteria (Overview)

  • Lipko I.A. 1
  • 1 Limnological Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ulan-Batorskaya Str., 3, Irkutsk, 664033, Russia
Keywords: 16S rRNA, gene-based phylogeny, phylum Actinobacteria, freshwater lineages of Actinobacteria, Lake Baikal


This review presents molecular classification of freshwater Actinobacteria based on the phylogeny of the 16S rRNA gene. We show the classification of the entire phylum Actinobacteria and the taxonomic rank of freshwater lineages of Actinobacteria within this phylum. The discovery history of different groups of freshwater Actinobacteria is considered. We have systematized the information about the phylogeny of cultivated and uncultivated freshwater Actinobacteria and give their brief description. Data is provided on freshwater groups of Actinobacteria found in different ecotopes of Lake Baikal.