Length-weight relationship and condition factor of endemic genus Seminemacheilus (Teloestei=Nemacheilidae) for Turkey


  • Seçer, B. 1
  • Sungur, S. 2
  • Çiçek, E. 1
  • Mouludi-Saleh, A. 3
  • Eagderi, S. 3
  • 1 Department of Biology, Faculty of Art and Science, Nevsehir Hacı Bektas Veli University, Nevsehir, Turkey
    2 Vocational School of Health Services, Nevsehir Hacı Bektas Veli University, Nevsehir, Turkey
    3 Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran




Central Anatolia, Seminemacheilus, population dynamic, positive allometric


This study was aimed to determine the length-weight relationships and Fulton’s condition factors of the genus Seminemacheilus that is endemic for Turkey. The specimens were collected from 2017 to 2019 using an electrofishing device (SAMUS 1000MP). The total length and the total weight of the examined specimens ranged from 3.5 to 9.1 cm and from 0.31 to 7.52 g, respectively. Based on the results, the growth coefficient values b ranged from 2.56 (S. ispartensis) to 3.48 (S. attalicus). Also, the condition factor of the studied fishesranged from 0.77 (S. dursunavsari) to 1.11 (S. attalicus). This study represents the first reports of length-weight relationship data for S. ahmeti, S. attalicus, S. dursunavşari, S. ekmekciae, and S. ispartensis from Turkish inland waters and four new maximum total lengths for the Seminemacheilus species. The results of this study provide useful information for further fisheries management, fish population dynamic studies and comparisons in future studies.