Zooplankton in two small reservoirs of the Tuva Republic

  • Kirova N.A. 1
  • 1 Tuvinian Institute for Exploration of Natural Resources of SB RAS, Tuva Republic, Kyzyl, Internacyonalnaya str., 117A, 667007, Russia
Keywords: small reservoirs, zooplankton, Tuva, regulation


The article provides information on the species composition and quantitative indicators of zooplankton in two small mountain reservoirs of the Tuva Republic: the Eerbek and Turan. They reflect the first and the third years of the ecosystem existence after seasonal drawdown. Regulation shows a typical pattern in the distribution of zooplankton in the reservoirs: an increase in density in the dam section. In general, the reservoir zooplankton has a floodplain type of formation. The existence periods of reservoirs influences the zooplankton structure and its development: regulation in the first year determines the development of crustacean zooplankton (represented mainly by cladocerans), usually with monodominance; over three years, all main groups of zooplankton develop, but drawdowns interrupt the formation on the normal ecosystem in the reservoir.