Microplastics and water microbiota

  • Ovsiannikova D.M. 1
  • Martinova A.V. 1
  • 1 Far Eastern Federal University, Sukhanova Str., 8, Vladivostok, 690950, Russia
Keywords: microplastics, biodegradation of plastics, plastisphere, marine microorganisms, environmental pollution.


Recently, plastic pollution is still remaining the keen problem of the modern world and it takes enormous part defining mostly ecology disasters. Microplastics is one of the most often used chemical substance and it has penetrated into the most of distant corners of our planet and also it can be revealed both in a food and in other agricultural production. On studying recent peculiarities of marine microbiota, we had analyzed recent articles describing the latest data of interaction of marine microbiota and microplastics. There have been defined the main inhabitants of the plastisphere as the habitat associated with plastics and they were presented by various cyanobacteria, ciliates, eubacteria using microplastics as shelter, transport or food.