Adaptation and cross species interaction of Chromobacterium spp. within aquatic biofilms in temperate climate zone

  • Danilova K.V. 1
  • Rikova V.S. 1
  • Scherbakova A.A. 1
  • Polyakov N.B. 1
  • Solovyev A.I. 1
  • Egorova D.A. 1
  • 1 National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology n. a. N.F. Gamaleya, Moscow, 123098, Russia
Keywords: Chromobacterium, biofilm, social cheaters, cold-resistance, IDBac


Members of Chromobacterium genus are found in different natural aquatic reservoirs in tropical and subtropical climate zones. Chromobacterium species are considered as tropical bacterial species and are not resistant to cold temperatures during long-term storage in laboratory conditions. Here we present isolation of a resident strain of Chromobacterium vaccinii from root-associated biofilm of Carex spp. in Volkovskoye bog (Moscow region, Russia) and describe some unusual properties of isolated strain regarding adaptation to sub-zero temperatures and community lifestyle. While interaction and cooperation with other bacterial species within biofilm are important for resistance to sub-zero temperatures, we create MALDI-TOF MS based small molecule interaction network with other bacterial species.