Resource fishes of Lake Baikal what we lost during 200 years of their use

  • Sideleva V.G. 1
  • 1 Zoological Institute Russian Academy of Science, 199034 Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya emb., 1
Keywords: resource fishes, Lake Baikal, commercial species, salmonids, sculpins


The ichthyofauna of Lake Baikal consists of 58 species: 54 native and 4 introduced. 22 species, about 38%, belong to resource fishes that are used for economic activity in Lake Baikal. Resource species can be divided into 3 categories: 1) commercial species - 10 species; 2) limited fishing, or by-catch - 3-4 species; 3) economically insignificant value - 9 species. A retrospective analysis of 200-year old history shows the replacement of salmonid fish by cyprinids as the primary target of resource fishing.