Influence of hydrological factors on reservoir algal blooming

  • Datsenko Y.S. 1
  • Puklakov V.V. 1
  • Edelstein K.K. 1
  • 1 Lomonosov State University, Moscow
Keywords: phytoplankton, production processes, hydrometeorological factors, reservoir, modeling.


Based on model calculations of phytoplankton biomass over a long period in the Mozhaisk reservoir, the role of hydrological factors in fluctuations of production processes in the reservoir is analyzed. Among the hydrological factors, the most important for reservoir blooming is the reservoir filling mode in the spring and the volume of flood water intake in the summer. Sharp fluctuations in the phytoplankton development during the growing season are mainly due to the contrast of weather conditions, which determines the change of phases of cold weather to hot windless.