Multiple kidney of the Baikal seal in early postnatal ontogenesis: structure and topograpy

  • Pomoynitskaya T.E. 1
  • 1 Irkutsk State Agricultural Academy, Irkutsk, Russia
Keywords: anatomical features of the kidney of the Baikal seal, seal kidney, multiple kidney, topography of the seal kidneys, Baikal seal


The article presents the results of studies on the anatomical structure of the kidneys of the Baikal seal in early postnatal ontogenesis. A number of morphological features were identified by the anatomical methods (including anatomical preparation, infusion with polyurethane foam through the ureter). The Baikal seal kidneys are multiple, of a bunch shape. They are located in the lumbar zone of the mesogastric at the level of the second, third and fourth lumbar vertebrae. Their weight, width, height, and thickness were measured. Height and width of the kidneys and their structure were determined. By injecting the excretory ducts with polyurethane foam, the structure and size of the renal calyx, length and width of the renal stalk (excretory duct) in early postnatal ontogenesis were determined. The age was determined by annual dentine rings of the canine base (the transverse canine cut) and claw rollers (by the Chapskys method).