Species diversity of zooplankton in the Argun River basin in 2018

  • Zykova E.H. 1, 2
  • 1 Eastern Branch of Russian Research Institute for Integrated Water Management and Protection (RosNIIVH)
    2 Department of Water Management and Engineering Ecology, Transbaikal State University, Alexandro-Zavodskaya Str. 30, Chita, 672039, Russia
Keywords: Zooplankton, species richness, the Argun River and tributaries


In 2018, 107 species, subspecies, and generic names were found in the zooplankton of the Argun River basin; the number of Cladocera was 52, Rotifera 43, and Copepoda 12. Planktofauna was characterized by high species richness due to the basin location in the Amur transitional zoogeographic region and diverse natural conditions in the area. Species that are rare in the Zabaikalsky Krai and Russia were found. According to the data from the observation stations, the number of species varied significantly in the Argun River basin and its tributaries. Species diversity index varied from 1.75 to 3.87 bits / copy. The number of species decreased in the Argun River basin with distance from the upper section, which is a very swampy floodplain.