The first data on fungi and fungus-like organisms in Lake Baikal

  • Polyakova M.S. 1
  • Mincheva Е.V. 2
  • Pudovkina Т.А. 2
  • Kabilov M.R. 3
  • Tupikin A.E. 3
  • Ishchenko А.А. 1
  • Kurakov A.V. 4
  • Sherbakov D.Yu. 2, 5
  • 1 Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry SB RAS, Lermontov 132, Irkutsk, 664033, Russia
    2 Limnological Institute SB RAS, Ulan-Batorskaya 3, Irkutsk, 664033, Russia
    3 Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine SB RAS, Lavrentiev 8, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
    4 Moscow Lomonosov State University, Biological Faculty, Leninskie gory 1/12, Moscow, 119234, Russia
    5 Irkutsk State University, Karl Marks Str., 1, Irkutsk, 664003, Russia
Keywords: freshwater fungi, metagenome analysis, 18S rDNA (V4 region), ITS2, Lake Baikal


The first data on the taxonomic composition of the main groups of fungi and fungi-like organisms in the grounds of coastal zone of Lake Baikal using metagenomic analysis based on the 18S rDNA (region V4) and ITS2 were obtained. Fungi were represented by five divisions: Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, Zoopagomycota, Chitridiomycota and Blastocladiomycota. There were also Cryptomycota, unclassified fungi and representatives of oomycetes and labyrinthulomycetes. Differences in the distribution of the main divisions of fungi in various sites of the lake were found. The creation of a unique collection of cultures of fungi and fungi-like organisms of Lake Baikal has begun which can be useful for further eco-physiological and biochemical studies.