Genetic differentiation of Least Cisco (g. Coregonus) of Siberia reservoirs

  • Nikulina Yu.S. 1
  • Borovikova E.A. 2
  • 1 National Research Tomsk State University, Lenina str., 36, Tomsk, 634050, Russia
    2 Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters, Russian Academy of Sciences, Borok, Yaroslavl Region, 152742, Russia
Keywords: least cisco, genetic polymorphism, mitochondrial DNA, ND1 fragment.


The analysis of sequence polymorphism of the ND1 fragment of the mitochondrial DNA of least cisco (Coregonus sardinella) was performed. Two groups of haplotypes, or phylogenetic lineages, were revealed. The p-distance between these groups equals to 0.48% and does not exceed the intraspecific level. The currently observed pattern of genetic polymorphism in least cisco populations is largely related to the peculiarities of the distribution of the species from east to west during glaciations.