Perspectives of Orbital Angular Momentum of light in functional diagnosis of water and water organisms

  • Meglinski I. 1
  • 1 School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK
Keywords: polarization, vector laser beams, Orbital Angular Momentum, water organisms


While using the polarization or spin angular momentum (SAM) of light in various biomedical applications has already known for years, the interaction of vector laser beams with Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) with biotissues and cells has not yet been explored, and has been added to the potential practical toolkit only recently. The results of recent studies clearly show that simple light (i.e. linearly and/or circularly polarized) is able to distinguish the successive grades of cancer and dementia, whereas the laser beams with OAM have a potential to be so specific that it could revolutionize the current practices of tissues characterization, providing sensitivity beyond the standard quantum limitation. Our feasibility studies well agreed with this prediction and suggest that OAM-based diagnostics is able to provide an opportunity to detect constructive disorders in water, cells and water organisms with a breakthrough sensitivity.