Ichthyofauna biodiversity of freshwater lakes in the Murmansk Region

  • Koroleva I.M. 1
  • Terentjev P.M. 1
  • 1 Institute of the North Industrial Ecology Problems, Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, 184209, Apatity, Akademgorodok, 14a, Russia
Keywords: Biodiversity, ichthyofauna, Salmoniformes, freshwater lakes, Subarctic.


The Arctic ichthyofauna has low biodiversity and includes 460 species of fish (2.0% of the world fauna); less than a third of them are freshwater species. There are less than 20 indigenous species in the lakes of the Murmansk Region. Salmoniformes, Perciformes, Osmeriformes, and Cypriniformes build the community core. The species diversity in the lakes of the Kola Peninsula is stable, but there is insignificant growth in the number of species due to the unintentionally introduced aquaculture objects. Water bodies sometimes successfully naturalize the latter. Illegal fishing dramatically causes the disappearance of valuable species in some lakes. Global warming has not yet influenced the penetration of southern fish species. The expansion of native species in new water bodies is the reason for the most critical changes. Unimportant smelt