Revision of the concept of the Tver glacial lake in the Upper Volga Lowland in MIS 2

  • Panin A.V. 1, 2
  • Sorokin A.N. 3
  • Uspenskaya O.N. 4
  • 1 Institute of Geography RAS, Staromonetniy Lane 29, Moscow, 119017, Russia
    2 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Lengory 1, Moscow 119991, Russia
    3 Institute of Archeology RAS, Dm.Ulianova Str., Moscow 117292, Russia
    4 Horticulture Research Institute (VNIIOH), Vereya 500, Moscow Region 117292, Russia
Keywords: proglacial lakes, palaeohydrolgy, palaeochannels, 14C dating, stone age archaeology


Hypothesis was tested of the Tver glacial lake occupying the whole Upper Volga Lowland in MIS 2, including the Dubna River basin. Geological composition of the hypothetical lake bottom was studied in a profile drilled across the Dubna River floodplain. Facial interpretation and 14C (AMS) dating revealed that lacustrine sediments were deposited not later than in MIS 3, and since at least 30 ka BP the basin was already drained by River Dubna.